Bay Vista Production

we know Cuba

we also know France

Production Company Country Project Type
Pixies Films France Kenzo "Jeux d'amour" Commercial
Havana Club international France Ritual Shot Commercial
Bandits Productions France Angola Today Commercial
Nirvana Film India Bajaj Dicovery: Twin Bikes Commercial
Caviar Lab Belgium Jali: Un jour ou l'autre Promo
M&C SaatchiGad France Havana Club: Maestro Photo shoot
1:33 France Golden Graham Cereals Commercial
1:33 France Look Voyage Commercial
3000 Films France Casa Cuba Music Video
Academy UK AXA Commercial
Also Starring Denmark Golden Cap Commercial
Andrea Shlager Concept Germany PS Sparen Commercial
Ava Germany Horma Commercial
Bacon Denmark Expect Commercial
Bandits France Dany Brillant Music Video
Bistro Film Czech Republic Budweiser Commercial
Blonde France Heather Small Music Video
Blue Marlyn France Coral Commercial
Blue Marlyn France Faudel Music Video
Blue Marlyn France Extreme de Nestle Commercial
Blue Marlyn France Siente Calor Music Video
Blue Marlyn France Kellogs Commercial
Blue France Hydralin Commercial
Brave Film London Passoa - Cointreau Commercial
Bullett Production Denmark Cuba Fuego Commercial
Champ contre Champ France Alliance Ethnick Music Video
Eutropie France Dino II Commercial
Franco Americain France Pik & Crok Commercial
Freedom Films UK Guiness Commercial
Gedeon France Dany Brillant - Quand je vois tes yeux Music Video
Godman UK Nine Yards Commercial
Guerilla France Sierra Maestra Music Video
Hamster Pub France L'Oreal Commercial
Harry Nash UK Driver II Commercial
Harry Nash UK EPK Commercial
Harry Nash UK Battle Cruiser Commercial
IPC Media France Look Magazine Photo Shoot
Jan Roy Associates UK Uncle Bens Commercial
K Web France Fitness Commercial
Madcowe UK Bond Commercial
Movie Box France Harrys Commercial
Overeasy Production France Havana Club - Mojito Commercial
Plein Soleil France Ushuaia - Garnier Commercial
Plein Soleil France Laura Biagiotti Commercial
Premiere Heure/Plein Soleil France Narta Commercial
Publicis Cachemire France Olly Gan Photo Shoot
Quad France La Banque Postale Commercial
Quad France Super Croix Commercial
Smash Box France IBN Commercial
Soixan7e Quin5e France Peugeot Bus Commercial
Stilking UK Clippo Orange Juice Commercial
Studio Annexe France Havana Club Photo Shoot
Sun AD Japan Gokuri Commercial
T42 Production Belgium Fanta Commercial
Tempesta France Ambre Solaire Commercial
Tempesta France Garnier Commercial
The Bank UK Orange Card Corporate
The Bank UK Orange Corporate
The Bank UK Hutchinson D3 Corporate
Tony Kaye UK Desree - Whats your Sign Music Video
Tony Kaye UK Desree - Life Music Video
Tree Films Argentina Puntal Commercial
Wanda France Peugeot Metamorphose Commercial
Wanda France Havana Club Commercial
October 6777 France Havana Club "Maestro" Photo Shoot
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